White Bird Releases

wicker heart basketFor centuries doves have represented peace, love, hope, faith, and innocence. White doves are often used for weddings and memorials. A dove release has many other appropriate uses such as anniversaries, marriage proposals, graduations, retirement, baby showers, grand openings, Valentine's Day, parades... just to name a few!

With prices starting as low as $50, a White Dove Release is an affordable gift alternative for almost any event and are often given in lieu of flowers. Choosing to have a white dove release at your special event helps ensure a memory of a lifetime.

Do you have something specific in mind? The Dove Guy easter dove releasewill be happy to work with you to help create your special event... a memory to last a lifetime

We release only pure white Rock Doves. Many hours go into their care and training so that when released from a site they will return to their home. Our birds live and love to fly!

The safety of our birds comes first. We will not release if the weather, or other conditions, might jeopardize their safe return home. The doves must also have time to return to the safety of their loft before dark.

We release our birds in the following areas: Davenport Iowa, Andalusia Illinois, Bettendorf white doves over green treesIowa, Bluegrass Iowa, Buffalo, Iowa, Cole Valley Illinois, Colonna Illinois, Durrant Iowa, East Moline Illinois, Eldridge Iowa, LeClair Iowa, Long Grove Iowa, Milan Illinois, Moline Illinois, Rock Island Illinois, Sherard Illinois, Silvis Illinois, Walcott Iowa, and points between.

Please be aware... The little doves sometimes found in pet stores or from feather merchants do not have a strong homing instinct, and no home to return to. They do not have the skills it would take to survive in the wild and usually perish.

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